Our Team

To create the right investment opportunity you need a dedicated team to help you get it right.  Investment Build New Zealand built a team of professionals to create the perfect project for you.


It starts with the land.  Finding the best spot for your investment build is one of the most crucial factors of your investment build decision.  Robert Rout our Land Acquisition Manager works closely with our Property Economist to select the best region for an investment project, ensuring the return is acceptable in this market.  This involves site and project research including rental assessments and rental yield analysis.

Next comes the plans.  We only work with Gravitas who are a large architectural firm capable of working with council regulations creating the right design to maximise profit.


Costings are the next step and Olivia and her team are the skilled professionals needed to ensure that money is invested to get the right product as a rental.  Every unnecessary dollar you spend on an investment build is a dollar lost.  Ensuring robust products designed to withstand rental conditions is essential.

Council regulations and covenants need to be carefully worked through and our resident lawyer Oliver Lee ensures that every tick is secured prior to moving to consent.


Working with our hand-picked trusted Master Builders ensures the job is completed to our high standards.

So now you need some finance and that is not always straight forward with an investment build. Banks are tightening up, so more creative ways to finance a project are sometimes needed. This is where our turnkey option could be just what is needed to get your next project over the line.


Because often the best investment opportunities are not in easy reach you need the professionals to oversee the build ensuring that the build moves along smoothly and is not held up unnecessarily.  The Investment Build Project management and Build management team are there as your advocates to ensure your best interests are protected.

When you build with investment Build you not only get professional advice you also get a professional team to ensure your property is rented and well maintained on your behalf.

Investment Build New Zealand, the team you can rely on.


Investment Build New Zealand is not a Financial Advisor and does not offer Financial Advice. We are a project management team that develops residential investment projects for our clients. Any return our clients enjoy is due to the increase in the value of their build. We do not operate an investment business and people cannot invest into our business or through us.