Unprecedented population
growth since 1990

In the June 2006 Census, Statistics New Zealand put the District’s population at 34,000, a 2.3% increase on the 27,000 living here in 2001. Since 2006, Selwyn has continued growing at an average rate of 3.3% per annum and was the fastest growing territorial authority in New Zealand in 2010.

This growth has created opportunities and it is projected that the population could increase by more than 40% in the next 20 years. All the District’s towns and rural communities have shown some growth over the last decade, but the greatest growth is in the “commuter belt” within 20 kilometres of Christchurch city; for example, Rolleston, Prebbleton, Lincoln, Springston and West Melton.

Rapid growth threatens to erode what residents value most – strong social capital, family friendly communities and a rural lifestyle. It will be important to plan for the population growth, in terms of the social infrastructure as well as the physical infrastructure.

There is likely to be an increased need to create opportunities for community development activities to enable the community to adjust to, and plan for, the population growth.

Information supplied by Selwyn District Council 10 February 2020.