Build Advantage

Build Advantage

Part of the Investment Build Group

Hi my name is Mike Hughey. I have been in the Build industry for
over 10 years, and I run Build Advantage helping investors to
make money from new build developments.

Did you know some builders add margins to the land and materials in a build? Sometimes as much as 30 to 50%! No wonder build prices are too high in New Zealand.

At Build Advantage it is my job to find build projects that can deliver your project at a Wholesale Build price. That is the only way you can make good equity gains and profit from your investment Build.

The builders I work with

Our builders add a “one off” transparent management fee to the build to help ensure you make as much money as possible from your investment build. The reason we do this is because we know, if you make good profit or equity from your build you will continue to build with us!

A Recently Completed Project

247 Lincoln Rolleston Road

Our latest build and Subdivide project

We have just received a stunning build and subdivide project ready to build.

Our process

The end result - two awesome 3 bed houses built at cost

Give me a call to discuss or email me for a full project plan or complete the form below

Mike Hughey – 021 881 444

Email – [email protected]