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Investment Build New Zealand is not just a project management team, we create wealth for our cherished clients and creating wealth in property is not just as simple as building a house. You need to pick the right land, negotiate with councils and developers and build a dwelling that is going to maximise your investment.

For that you will need the following

1. A dedicated person constantly looking and negotiating on the right land to secure

2. You need a designer that can create a dwelling that will maximise the build value and rental yield. In our experience these are Duplexes.

3. You need a legal team to research the covenants and restrictions and then organise the resource consents to make the project work.

4. You need a build team that can build your project with a buying power of 100 builds a year passing on the savings to you, making sure you are saving every dollar you can. Every dollar saved is a dollar earned.

5. You need a project management team to make sure your build runs smoothly. Not all builders are great project managers

In short, property investment is a science not an art and you have come to the right place as we are the team that does it all, leaving you to get on with life.

You wouldn’t do your own heart surgery so why wouldn’t you make sure your property investment is managed by a team that knows what they are doing. After all, it is a very big investment!

Our clients don’t build one investment property with us, they build lots. Give us a call and find out why smart clients build with Investment Build New Zealand.

Olivia Cosseboom
General Manager
027 236 4446

Investment Build New Zealand is not a Financial Advisor and does not offer Financial Advice. We are a project management team that develops residential investment projects for our clients. Any return our clients enjoy is due to the increase in the value of their build. We do not operate an investment business and people cannot invest into our business or through us.